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Thread: Small Birch Bowl

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    Small Birch Bowl

    Here is a small Birch bowl I finished awhile ago. It's about 2"x5" and finished with a few coats of salad bowl finish. I made it for Angie's dad who is a retired carpenter who likes doing small wood projects still. He lives about 3 hours from us so we send him letters and small gifts since we don't get to see him much. I had the pith in the center so it has a nice size crack in it, but that's because I roughed it before I got my bandsaw so I just threw the log on there and went to town I filled the crack with ca glue. It has some tool marks, not sure if they're visible in the pics or not, but I'm still learning Any critiques/comments are more than welcome!
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    Looking good, Westley. Looks like a nice piece of wood, and the form is nice, too. Experience, time, patience, and sandpaper will make getting rid of the tool marks in the next one that much easier.
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    Great looking bowl. Great wood and form. Keep'em coming.
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    Nice Bowl, now we need you to do more and work on that photography.

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    Nice bowl Westley! I am sure it will be appreciated! Only advice is to turn lots of bowls - it gets easier the more you do!

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