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Thread: Here's a Pickup Truck You Can Live In

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    Here's a Pickup Truck You Can Live In

    Housing market got you down? Just live in your truck...

    It gets interesting about a minute into the video.
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    That is SWEET!!!!

    And Detroit diesel power to boot!!

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    That is quite something; I wonder how many barrels of oil per mile it needs.

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    at least it would never have a parking problem.
    and then one would ask, where can you park that thing.
    the answer is, anywhere you want.

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    I had always been impressed with the Studebaker giants of 1931 and '36. But this guy really takes the cake! Unbelievable!

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails giant 1934-1935-studebaker-land-cruiser-9.jpg   giant_largest_auto.jpg  

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