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Thread: Lathe Steady

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    Lathe Steady

    Found plans for a lathe steady in Woodworkers Journal collectors edition of Workshop Projects and Techniques. Uses in-line skate rollers. Cost around $40 for just the wheels. Went to Target and bought the whole skate for $17. Got my 8 wheels. Made a large and small one. Here is the small one. The large one for the big C-man is still drying.
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    Bernie W.

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    Looks good, Bernie. Do you have a pic of how you adjust the position of the wheels?
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    Did ER GOOD, Bernie.


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    I have a question. It sure seems like the size of this will seriously limit the diameter of the bowl you could make. I ask cuz I would imagine the wheelies would want to be out at the edge of the bowl. What am I missing? I don;t turn, but I do like rigging up jigs, which is why I am asking.

    Thanks, Thel.

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