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Thread: Attempted Tea Light

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    Attempted Tea Light

    I had seen this little chunk tossed away in a pile and thought I'd give a tea light a shot. I think next time I have something this eroded I'll boost it with thick CA.

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    Jon, I don't see one single thing wrong with this one. It's lovely!! I'd buy it at a craft show, in a New York minute.
    Nancy Laird
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    I agree with Nancy
    I'd buy a least 4 though
    Thanks for the idea
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    Jon, that little piece that is not there, it is not supposed to be there, it is what is known as "Character"

    Don't you DARE fill it in with CA glue

    Pretty chunk of wood to be sure!

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    Looks like a successful tea light to me, and what a nice piece of wood...

    It's funny how the definition of a nice piece of wood can change depending on if you are thinking Flat or Spinny...
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    I think it looks great, Jon. I'm with the flaws a feature and add $5 to the price.
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    Shucks don't add $5 that character is worth at least $10. Great looking piece Jon.
    Bernie W.

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    That is a pretty piece there. I love those pieces that are so nasty on the outside but end up perdy on the inside.
    There are no mistakes in woodworking until you run out of wood.

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    If flaws are worth $5-10 bucks apiece...I just won the Lotto!!!! But on a more constructive note...Anyone would buy that Jon, One man's trash....
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    I agree with all the others. Great piece!!!!
    spinning into a new adventure

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