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Thread: Past due tool score

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    Past due tool score

    Just would like to show you guys some simple tools the LOML got me in the past few months. The first few were her choice without any input from me, she didn't do too bad.
    Some of the tools where purchased from a refund I got when I returned a craftsman DT Jig that I didn't want and the finally score was from money earned by building a couple pub tables (hopefully I can get some pics of them for ya).

    Pocket Rule:

    a Bucks Brother miter saw

    A stanley flush cut saw, not fancy but sharp as a dickens and really useful

    a eight inch square:

    a router edge guide, haven't had the opportunity to use it yet but I'm sure it will work great when I do:

    a roller stand, this has been very useful for many projects so far including building my shop door and a support for the miter saw:

    I picked up a new saw blade to cut the trim for our living room picture window, it cuts like butter with no chip out, not high end but I like it.
    Dewalt 10Inch 80 tooth blade:

    and the best upgrade of all. The pub tables I made had octagon tops. The first one took quite a bit of tweaking to get right. I bought this and the second table went together just fine, well worth the expense. I present the Osbore 3 Miter Gauge:

    Next on the list will be a power tool, I really want the Ridgid Oscillating Spindle/Belt Sander. Starting to save the pennies.

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    Hi Ralph,

    I've had my eye on an edge guide for my PC 690 for some time. Let us know how yours works out. BTW - nice score on everything.
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    Congrats on all the new stuff, Ralph. Isn't it nice to have a good miter gauge? I think you'll like the Ridgid sander you mentioned...I like mine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rennie Heuer View Post
    Hi Ralph,

    I've had my eye on an edge guide for my PC 690 for some time. Let us know how yours works out. BTW - nice score on everything.
    Hi Ralph

    I am with Rennie on the pc edge guide let us know how it works out. By the way I also have my eye on the Rigid ocs sander do you think HD would give us a bundle deal on two one on each end of the planet Worth a thought.
    I have often wondered about woodworkers on forums creating buying clubs.

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    Well done. Great score.
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    Good score on the new "Goodies", Ralph. Glad to hear the new EB-3 worked great, since I used some of my birthday money, (and took advantage of the Woodcraft Birthday Discount) and bought one too recently. I haven't used mine yet, (can't get to the TS right now with all the constr matl's and tools pushed to the middle of the shop while I slooooowly finish the wall framing & paneling inside my metal shop building). I had delayed that purchase when they started having manufacturing problems after the Co was sold a couple of yrs ago and wanted to wait until they got the problems worked out, (which I understand they have now done), and mine appeard to be very will made now when I put it together.
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