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Thread: Please help my aging memory.

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    Please help my aging memory.

    Please help my aging memory. Around 35 years ago (early to mid Ď70ís) I made various items for gifts out of Borg pine. I finished them with a product that stained the wood to a dark walnut color and put a finish on it all at one time.

    Here is where the memory problem comes in. I donít remember if it did it in one coat or if it took 2 or 3, but the BIGGEST problem is that I canít remember what the name of the product was or who made it. I tried staining some pine lately with various products, but in every case ended up with a lot of blotching. That is why I am trying to remember what I used way back when, because it did NOT blotch, but had a uniform color.

    It may not even be made anymore, but if anyone has any ideas about what it might have been, please reply. This is driving me nuts

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    I dunno if it's what your looking for but I have a can of MINWAX Polyshades. It's a stain & polyurethane in 1 step. It was bought 2 years ago from a local store and used on MDF gave a nice finish too.
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    Could it have been Watco Danish oil thats what is sounds like and it was used alot back then. If you use it just make sure you don't burn the house down with the discarded rags

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    Does sound like Polyshades, Not sure if it was there in the 70s but with each coat you get darker .

    I never considered Watco or any other Danish oil to be a "Finish" (I know this is controversial to some thinking and not the subject of this post) and as a rule it did not come colored (as I remember) Seems to me DEFT had some products back then that had color in the finish.

    I use PolyShades from Minwax as a quick finish that I need to do some matching, Must buy the tone you want and keep applying layers till the depth you want is there.

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    I don't believe Polyshade came out until the mid to late 80s that I'm aware of and yes Watco and Deft Danish oil did have stains in it and was used as a finish. It was used by a lot of crafter's in the 70s and 80s and also by trim carpenters and finishers and it burned a lot of work in progress houses down also with the ones that did not dispose of there finish rag properly.


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