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Thread: Newbie in AL

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    Newbie in AL

    Hi guys, Bill here from AL. New to the site and fairly new to woodworking. Already found loads of great info, and hoping to learn more. My shop/garage is nothing compared to some I've seen on here but I make the best of it. My tools include Craftsman router w/table, a 10" Craftsman miter saw on a homemade stand, a 10" Firestorm table saw with table extensions, a Bostich compressor with various finish nailers, and various DeWalt cordless tools. My favorite stores are Lowe's, Home Depot, and Woodcraft (drool). Thanks to Vaughn for letting me join the site.

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    No, not all of SoCal is Los Angeles!
    Hello Bill. Glad to have you. You'll find this a friendly place.
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    Welcome, Bill.

    Good to have new voices on the board.
    Nancy Laird
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    Welcome to the family Bill!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Graupmann View Post
    ...Thanks to Vaughn for letting me join the site.
    I wasn't gonna...the other Admins made me do it.

    Seriously, we have quite a few folks here with one of the restricted e-mail providers, and it's no problem to set up accounts for them. (And the rule has kept our spam non-existent, too.) Glad to have you here, Bill.
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    I hate spam Vaughn....that includes that canned stuff too LOL.

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    Hi Bill, Welcome to the Family. Have fun, we are a great family of Woodworkers.
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    Welcome Bill!

    Hmmm, I do like canned spam, So I must be in the minority. But it has to be the "lite/Low sodium" Stuff....
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    Welcome to the Family Bill
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    Welcome Bill. It's a Good group with a LOT of combined knowledge, experience and talent, and all are willing to share, so don't be bashful.

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