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Thread: C-Man shaper

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    C-Man shaper

    I am looking at a older c-man shaper. It is a 1/2" spindle with 1 hp motor single owner and over a dozen new cutters for it, plus a few used ones. He is asking $350 orbo.I was thinking of offering $300, but wondering what others think about this. Here is a link to the ad

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    al, a shaper is invaluable but what you`re looking at is a router on steroids. do yourself a favor and hold off for at least a 3/4" spindle and 3hp.
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    Thanks Tod. I just talked to the guy down the road and said the same thing.Oh well maybe next time.

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    I have one of these shapers its not a bad shaper for home use. It was my Dad's so it probably will not go anywhere until I can't use it as I am kind of partial to my Dad's tools. I also have his old Davis & Wells shaper. I wouldn't pay more than $75-$100 for it & all the cutters.
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    I think i'd pass on that as well. Not that it isn't a useful machine, but the price is super steep in my book. For that, you can get a new 3 horse router and a decent table for it. I picked up an old Delta that's really on par with the C-man you were looking at. I paid $125 for mine with about 2 dozen cutters. It needed cleaning up, a new belt, and the switch was bad. Actually, for $295 you can get a brand new Grizzly shaper with the same capacity and a better fence. Grizzly cutters are $21.95. The C-man should run probably half of a new machine to be reasonably priced.

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