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Thread: Don't Do This!

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    Don't Do This!

    Here's proof that not everyone on YouTube knows what they're doing. This guy shows several classic examples of what not to do when turning.

    Aside from the fact that he's running at stupidly high speeds for roughing, he doesn't seem to know much about how to use his "straightener out" tool or his "rounder" tool. At about 5:20 into the video, he's using the wrong side of the sandpaper. He could also use a few tips on parting something off at the end. I'd be willing to be he's not wearing any face protection (based on the way his voice sounds). This guy's a real piece of work.

    On the plus side, he has a good chance of pulling a Darwin and removing himself from the gene pool.

    And if by chance, "Dunkin717" is a member here, sorry for being harsh, but dude, get some lessons. And quit posting dangerous techniques on the Intarweb.
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    Thanks for posting that Vaughn, I needed a good laugh tonight.

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    I guess any nutjob with a lathe and a video camera can pretend to be a turner. That is just frightening.
    Don Orr

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    Vaughn thanks for posting. Like Cody I just had to laugh. A box of rocks has more sense than that. That guy has more guts than I have using a saw for a parting tool. Using his straighter tool and rounder tool at 3900 rpm. I have to agree he definitely needs some lessons in turning. I did not see any safety equipment at all and was waiting for the ball bat to bean him. Yep he is in line for a Darwin award.
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    Vaughn - I figure he named the video 'Working on the Lathe' because Dumb & Dumber was already taken! Amazing what some folks can do - and live to talk about it! I agree with your suggestion that this 'turner' needs to remove that video ASAP and can only hope that those who view it understand the danger this guy is placing himself in!

    Amazing, just amazing.

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    I doubt this "turner" would remove this video. He was getting over 5400 views as of now.
    This Nick Cook woodturning video has 2000 less in viewer count.

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    I know I'm not an expert at turning, but at least I know how to ride the bevel with My "Rounders" and to not use my 'Straightener Outerer' as a scraper!

    I watched the whole thing, completely dumbfounded!
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    That's some serious scary stuff! Every cut he made was a scrape cut and the parting off at 3900 with a saw with the lathe running was, well, not vey smart.

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    I've seen that one before, it is amazing how many things he does wrong, almost an online manual of how NOT to do it

    Quote Originally Posted by Don
    I guess any nutjob with a lathe and a video camera can pretend to be a turner.
    Hey........ I resemble that remark
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    After getting a chuckle from the video, I flagged it as "Inappropriate" due to "Harmful or Dangerous Acts". I don't know if that will help get rid of it, but at least I tried.
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