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Thread: On Craigslist...Upgrade

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    On Craigslist...Upgrade

    $200 on Craiglist. Dont know if it works or not...but does anyone recognize the brand and is it worth $200?
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    Or this one

    $125 Rockwell Delta Milwaukee Homecraft 43" bed, 36" capacity, 1/2 HP Craftsman 1750 rpm 115 volt motor, on casters, set of 8 Craftsman chisels. Nothing about diameter capacity though
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    I will leave this to the serious turners. But the first one looks like a Walker Turner.

    Both look like spindle lathes to me. To light weight literally and construction wise to turn any big bowl blanks. The last one is worth the price probably if you just want to do spindle work. If your wanting to turn big blanks, I would keep looking probably.
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    I agree with Jeff. I wouldn't pay that kind of money for either of them. Neither one of them could handle a large bowl blank at all. IMO there are a lot better lathes out there. A Jet 1220 or a Rikon would be better and could turn a 12" bowl.
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