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Thread: Day off and making a Funnel

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    Day off and making a Funnel

    Posting this for fun........I had a few hrs free today on my day off and decided to turn some of the grapefruit tree wood that i had. Alot of it i had cut up for fire wood. The trees were cut down due the centers rotting and dying i think but i saved about 30 pcs of different diameters and use them to practice and such.......
    Anyway i chain sawed up a pc and used made it round with my 14" bandsaw and glued a waste block on the end of it (wanted to try out my hot glue gun and another method for turning). put it on the lathe and secured it in my spigot chuck and put the tail pc up to it. I did notice the bottom center was a little rotten but thought i could easily turn it out later when i reversed it............Nice and secure and started turning then hollowing it out...... and was doing very well then all of a sudden ..........Baaaaaaaam it shot about 6' into the garage.......picked it up and took this picture..........Now it sits with the rest of the designer firewood i have created from experiments...........
    Now that is heck of a tear out to repair............LOL thought i would share it...............Dan
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    On the bright side, the hole is fairly rectangular, so you could just patch it with a chunk of 2x4 and call it art.

    A couple of nights ago I made this one with my coring rig...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I left it on the kitchen counter for LOML to find in the morning, along with a note saying "I made you a donut for breakfast."
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    Look at the bright side. Guys, take your bowls to a "All You Can Eat" place.

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    It used to just bug me to death when I did that ONCE. I would always try to find a way to fix it. Larry Hasiak told me, "it is just wood. Put it in the firewood pile and grab another piece. Maybe ya learned something from that piece."

    But I still hate doing it especially that one time.
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