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    Missing Posts

    Hi All

    Given that this is the only forum to which I am a member, I have little experience of these things. I seem to have made an assumption which might be erroneous and I wish to check the truth.

    If you log in each day surely you only have to see todays posts to be able to track all the current postings.

    I seem to have found a few by default that I did not see in the "todays post" report. However these postings were from the prior time that I had logged in which was yesterday.

    Can an administrator or someone fill me in on what the time it is that is used for posts. Eg Royall posted pics of his shop cabinets. Luckily he sent me a PM which let me know he was going to do it. I did not see anything on the "Todays Posts" so I went to his profile looked up all his posts and found the cabinet pics that way. I would have missed these or still been looking out for his post or PM him again to find out what went wrong if I had not managed to find the post this way.

    But why was there no visible post on the "Todays Posts" list. Am I doing something wrong?

    OOPS sorry now I go back to check on my post and what do you know there it is in the todays post. Guess it is the cookies and I must refresh or something...Sorry for the waste of time.
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    A couple of thoughts Rob.
    • Before clicking New Posts make sure you are logged in.
    • New Posts use cookies to see if you read a post.
    • If you click New Posts before you log in, there will be none, after logging in, even read posts will be displayed as new.

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    clean out the cookie jar rob like frank said the log in will make differnce also.. but its good to clear your cookies once and awhile as well to help everything work smoother.
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    Actually, Larry if you clear your cookies, all posts will be displayed as new.

    My point was if you are not set to accept cookies from this site it can't keep track of what posts you have seen.

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