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Thread: Bench Dog

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    Bench Dog

    I now have my very own bench dog.

    I haven't tried her around noisy power tools. She is very timid & a real cuddle bug. She is my first Dachshund her name is Juliet.
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    ....but how well can she hold wood?

    Still cute.

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    Cute as a bug's ear.

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    I'm with Frank on this one. Not sure she'll do a very good job holding boards and such!

    What a cute pup!
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    She's a cutie, all right. Around our house, she'd probably be named "Snack".

    Just kidding...two of our three big dogs get along with little dogs and cats just fine. The third one is new enough to our pack that we don't yet know how he handles mini-dogs or cats.)
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    Very cute.

    Mine does fine around most of the tools, but doesn't like the shop vac at all. I think our son must have chased her around with it or something.

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    She's a doll. You won't have to worry about "vermin" (cats??) in your shop. FWIW, I have two "shop dogs", but they have to leave when I'm running power tools. It may or may not cause ear damage, but they sure don't look comfortable.
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    I want one!

    Seriously, she's a real cutie! We'll stay with our kitty for now!
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