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Thread: Anyone here a electicain?

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    Anyone here a electicain?

    I am looking for help on wireing a "starter switch" It is basicly a relay to allow me to turn on a 220 volt motor useing 120 volts. This what the electrical inspector wanted on my planer. So, it is either firgure out how to wire it up or pay a sparky $80 buck to spend 5 minutes to plug in the wires. The thing I do not remember is is the L on the relay for load? I have the Emergancy kill switch in just waiting on this little do hicky to get the line switched over. Thanks in advance. Now I have to go level a floor for BIL.

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    Finally, a brother in elektriks iggerance.

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    Does it have to be 120 volts?

    I'm only asking, because it sounds to me like the Long Ranger remote would do the trick, only with a low voltage switch. (which of course you can use a regular 120v light switch for... this is exactly what I use to turn on my 220v Dust Collector, from a centrally mounted switch.
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    The way I wired the contactor for my cyclone is: both 220 hot wires go to the 2 connectors on the input side of the contactor, the output wires go to the motor, in your case the planer's motor. The ground wire feeds straight through. The trigger wires are the 120 volt wires. Think of these as the light bulb. Wire the neutral wire to one side, the hot wire goes through the switch, then to the other side. Flipping the switch completes the circuit, the contactor energizes, flowing the 220 current to the motor.
    Note, I am NOT an electrician. This is only how I wired mine. It has worked well for almost 2 years now, and the shop is still standing. For diagrams, do a search in the internet for contactors. I think it was Dennis Peacock at SMC that had information on building a remote contactor for a cyclone and has some good diagrams. This is the same only a switch is used instead of a remote. Jim.
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