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Thread: Non-toxic oils or waxes for finishing bowls

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    Non-toxic oils or waxes for finishing bowls

    Lots of questions tonight! ... I've been meaning to post these for awhile.

    Any recommendations for oils or waxes that I can use to finish my bowl that are non-toxic and make the bowls safe for eating with?

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    Bernie and many others had some great ideas on this a few weeks ago. I use bee's wax a lot. Mike Mahoney and others have a good walnut oil. Do a search for finishes or just look back a week or so under general turning ?'s. Several things I want to say are fact, but check with the previous was a good series.
    Always ask as many questions as needed, chances are good that someone else is wondering the same thing. There is no shortage of good/friendly/supportive advice here.
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    Ask away that is what this forum is for. All finishes today are food safe if let dry for a minimum of 72 hrs. I don't use wax much because it doesn't last. I do at times use Mike Mahoney's walnut oil and then after that has dried his walnut oil/wax mixture. So far I have used Minwax Antique oil which by the way is the only food finish Ernie Conover uses on his utility pieces. I use a lot of General Finishes Seal-A-Cell and Arm-R-Seal. You put the Seal-A-Cell on first then follow it with Arm-R-Seal. It is a great finish. I used this on two salad bowl sets I made for my boy and his family. The other was for my brother and his family. In each set there were 10 small salad bowls (7") and the big one 13" X 5". They have been used now for almost two years and still look great. I have a cereal bowl I have used now for almost two years with the same finish and still going good. Basically I use Antique Oil (3 coats) or General Finishes on all my food stuff.
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