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Thread: Update Davis-Wells - Paul i got pics to.

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    Update Davis-Wells - Paul i got pics to.

    Ok had the day a bit free and worked on the motor and stand of the bandsaw. Took the motor off and stripped down the cast, sanded the heck out of the motor and painted them both. I have attached pics and the bandsaw pic shows it stripped down a bit....everything is off to get fabricated or repaired and due back in a couple weeks (New guide blocks, guide block housings,new tires and crowning,one new shaft - the other was cracked and the previous owner tried to weld it.......)
    Anyway all new original parts and waiting on the gun from HF to paint it....
    The saw has this black stuff....paint i would assume over the original coat but it thick and and not on very well....the acetone is taking it off very well down to the original paint. The original paint does not budge even with the acetone.....I just scrub it with a towel and the acetone and it is comming off easily but still taking some time.............ahhhh it is worth it and fun.......

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails P1010046 (600 x 450).jpg   P1010047 (600 x 450).jpg   P1010048 (450 x 600).jpg  
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    so i guess you'll be puting things back together and tuning her up around thanksgiving. Just in time for a small holiday gift or two. Watch that acetone. Make sure you've got good gloves on and enough ventilation. If you're like me, there aren't too many brain cells to spare.
    Looking forward to the updates.

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