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Thread: Cherry Bowl and a Nice Visit

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    Cherry Bowl and a Nice Visit

    I had the pleasure of visiting with Tom Keen Thursday evening. Tom is a super nice guy and was very patient with this dyslexic who gets up/down mixed up at times. The plan was for me to learn how to turn a natural edge bowl on his larger lathe. And, to learn how to properly use a fingernail bowl gouge.

    It was decided that I needed quite a bit of practice with the tool and the NE bowl might be a little out my league at the moment. So we went with a 'normal' bowl. Boy, did I learn quite a bit... "Ride the bevel" is still ringing in my ears as I type. The bowl below is the result.

    This is Cherry with sap wood. 10 1/2" x 3 1/2" Finished with some Mineral Oil and bees wax.

    Here I am actually doing some final scraping. (Yes I have safety prescription glass' on.)

    Here is Tom doing some sanding on the bottom. Tom has a really nice area for turning. Thompson tools (Sharp!) and a really cool vacuum chuck that he made him self.

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    Great job. I really like the sap/heart wood arrangement on this one, Jon.

    And good on Tom for doing a little mentoring.
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    Beautiful bowl. I really like the picture with the shaving piled up

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    Nice looking bowl. At first I thought it was glare from the flash until I read the sapwood part.

    By the way, I see you are doing a commendable job of protecting your forhead with the faceshield.

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    Nice bowl, pretty wood for sure!

    Nice to get some one on one training, lucky you!
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    The bowl is awesome!

    He just shaved months off the learning curve for you.

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    Great job all around Jon! What's next?
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