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Thread: Gouge profile ?

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    Gouge profile ?

    One of my Disston gouges has this profile...

    Another view

    I realize this is a spindle gouge, but I'm thinking about regrinding this with more of a fingernail grind. Any pros or cons on this line of thought?

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    Ned all of my spindle gouges have the fingernail grind. I find them easier to use and I can do cuts with them easier than the conventional grind.
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    Fingernail grind is the preferred grind of late. It allows for a better shear and cuts way down on catches inside bowls and HF's. I still use a traditional grind on 2 spindle gouges. IMHO there is better heat dissipation on dry stock and I get a wider cut. Fingernail is still my favorite for 75% of my rookie work and I'm sure it will increase as skills do
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    The continental gouge is not as strong as a round gouge when using as flute up.
    When the gouge is lay on its side at about 2:30 or 9:30 o'clock, its broad edge gives a very nice shearing action.

    Russ Fairfield has shown it on the bottom of this tool grind page:

    This type of gouges are getting quite expensive now.

    When using on bowls, it is meant to be used as finish cut, tool rest close, no long overhang over the tool rest. It has the same weak tang as most SRG (spindle roughing gouge).

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