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Thread: Delta Table Saw question

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    Delta Table Saw question

    Bought a used Delta table saw 10" Contrator model that had a bad motor.
    Purchased a 1 1/2hp 220v motor and installed it, working well but the belt that was on it will no longer fit.
    Old belt was about 1/2" wide with V-belt cogs
    I checked with Home Depot, Lowes, and two local auto parts stores and nobody carries belts for saws. The ones they sell are a bit narrower. So i bought one from the auto parts store and put it on for now and seems to work fine but my question is : Anybody know of a online source that sells equipment belts with the V-Belt cogs in 1/2 wide ?
    My understanding is the traction part of a belt comes from the sides and that the belt i have may work fine but in the long run it would be better to get the wider belt put on it............thanks for the advice or help in advance......Dan

    PS -started it for the first time today.........WOW does this thing have power.........

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    Check out the red link belts and see if that will work for you. Do both of your pulleys match?


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    Like Dale said, look into the link belt system. I put one on my Delta contractors saw (1 1/2hp 120/240VAC motor) and have been very pleased with it. Vibration is greatly reduced with the machined pulleys and the belt is ease to install/adjust.

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