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Thread: weekend score

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    weekend score

    OK, this one might tempt several of you to break a certain language rule on this forum.
    I stopped by our local Restore on saturday morning. Before walking in (i actually never quite made it through the door) i saw a guy with a van trying to unload a refrigerator he was donating. I ran over and helped him get it out of the van and looked in to see if there were any other big items he might want help with. A quick glance in the van showed nothing else big, but a couple of tools he was dropping off. What caught my eye was a Delta benchtop mortiser. I asked if he was donating all the stuff in the van - Yep.
    He'd bought a foreclosed house that he needed to empty out that morning, threw the stuff in the van, and drove it over to donate it.
    He offered it to me for $50. I only had $40, but that was good enough.
    It's complete and in good condition with the allen wrench, chuck key, and 3 chisel bits (1/4", 3/8", and 1/2"). It's not exactly "old iron", but it's not new either - the manual that came with it has January 7, 1998 written by hand on the inside cover.
    I took it home, cleaned it up a bit, adjusted the gibs on the dovetail ways, sharpened the chisels, and started making mortises.
    I've been using the mortising kit on my drill press for the built-in cabinetry i've been building. That works fine, but i can see already that this will be much easier to use and adjust. I'll also be glad to get my drill press back.
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    You Rock Paul! Nice score. I have this exact machine and I'm happy with it. It lacks some of the newer gadgets that can move the stock for you, but it's a strong and sevicable machine.
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    Man, right place at the right time! Actually, it paid to be a helping hand!!!

    God and family, the rest is icing on the cake. I'm so far behind, I think I'm in first place!


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    Talk about right place right time....

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    "i saw a guy with a van trying to unload a refrigerator he was donating. I ran over and helped him get it out of the van "

    Paul in my mind I dont see the need to break the language code. I would say you committed a RAK (Random act of kindness) and were rewarded for doing so. Same as he was rewarded for his donation intent by you helping him to offload the unit. I will bet anything that you did not go over to help him with the intent on gain did you?

    Well done. Maybe we should have a RAK forum where people get to list their RAK of the day. More of this would surely make the world a happier place to live in. Good for you and enjoy the mortiser. What a bonus.

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    I agree Rob, it's great to see people that still care and offer a helping hand. Paul congrats on being one on the helping hand/caring people
    Congrats on the mortiser also.


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    Well done Paul!

    My grand father used to call that "Baby Steps to Heaven"
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    Thumbs up congrats paul

    you done both of you a favor your batting a 1000 this year got a good deal on your planer and now your mortiser, so what you lookin for now???/
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    Not looking for any more machines or tools right now - the plan is to keep my needs modest at least until the sun rises on the economy again. I think the only things i'll be spending cash on will be supplies to wrap up the dozen or so incomplete projects around the house.
    I grab used lumber when i can - building demolition sites are good opportunities. The other good free source is the occassional windstorm that strikes our local park. I can saw and air dry small logs.
    The only other thing i think i would use a lot would be a benchtop ossilating spindle sander. It's definitely NOT a need, and i can live happily without one.

    I already have more tool and machine capacity that i have need - mostly because i usually don't get a lot of shop time. I could live without several of the tools in my basement, but some of them help me get through some tasks quickly (like sanding) so that i can spend more time on the things i really like doing (like designing pieces, hand planing, etc.).

    Lately, between the casework i'm building for the dining room and the gifts me and my kids will be making for the holidays, i'll be making a lot of dust for the next couple of months. I sure do appreciate the opportunity.

    I think i'll put the "new" mortiser to work pretty quickly - a few small pieces of furniture, and maybe some picture frames.

    Paul Hubbman

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    Almost missed this thread, or at least I missed it for an entire week somehow...must have been all that typing on the off-topic forum regarding sheep, cows and organic farming Robert Mickley and I got into.

    Anyway so much for nice guys always finish last huh? I think you will like the mortising machine...its always been on my list of got-to-have's someday too. I am actually surprised you said so many nice things about your drill press mortising attachment, I got one, BUT like you said it ties up the drill press. I had some frustration issues with it too, but maybe now with a bit of age on me, I can be more patient on the set-up and make it work. If anything good came out of the mortise attachment for the drill press its this; I have learned to enjoy making mortise and tenons by hand.

    Still for 40 bucks and a helping hand with the refrigerator, I assume you don't mind giving up the chisel for a machine? (Assuming the chiropractor visit was covered by health insurance anyway )
    I have no intention of traveling from birth to the grave in a manicured and well preserved body; but rather I will skid in sideways, totally beat up, completely worn out, utterly exhausted and jump off my tractor and loudly yell, "Wow, this is what it took to feed a nation!"

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