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Thread: Segmented Turning Question

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    Segmented Turning Question

    One of the kids is interested in segmented wood turning so i looked online the other day and saw many articles which show computer software for figuring the angles and cuts etc-, high end cross cut sleds for table saws, and some very complex articles on the vennering etc- on and on
    I have a couple questions for anybody doing this type of turning out there before i jump and buy some additional tools that would be needed.

    1). What or where is a good cross cut type sled (or whatever they use on the table saws to get the perfect type cuts for the joints) for making the segments ?
    2). Possibly a good instructional DVD is a starting point - thoughts?
    3). Is this something that can be done without all the complexity ive been reading about ? ie...complex software to create the patterns and cuts etc--

    In the simpliest form what i saw was cutting and rubberbanding the glued pc's together to form the rings, then gluing the rings.
    The issue i have before i do this for them is this - I was at a art show awhile back and saw a guy that wanted $700 and up for his segmented turnings.....While a very nice finish was put on them the one thing that stood out with very close inspection was you could see the joints (or-gaps in the wood joints). Leading me to believe that one of the big things is to make sure you have a good blade on your tablesaw and a very accurate way to duplicate the angle cuts on the sled......would this be correct ?
    Thoughts ??

    Thanks Dan
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    Segmented Turning Video Training

    I've come to believe that segmented turning, at a basic level, is not that difficult to get involved with. I know an award winning segmented turner by the name of Don Leman. He shows you step by step, in this series of free on-demand videos how to complete a project. I'll bet that these will get you off and running:

    How to Cut Segmented Pieces

    How to Glue up The Stack in a Segmented Turning Assembly

    How To Calculate the Angles of Segmented Turning Pieces

    A Cheap Clamping Method

    Thoughts on Turning Segmented Glue-ups

    Let me know if you need some additional information. Keith

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    Yes, it can be done without the use of any software. I have taken a few woodturning classes at a local community college and my instructor (J. Driskell) has shown us how to do this using a pencil, measurement rule, compass and a graph paper. I will try to provide more info on this method later.

    Even though you can use a combination blade to cut the segments, a cross-cutting blade is recommended. Any half-decent segmented turning project should not show gaps between the joints.

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    BTW, Keith, your site looks very interesting. I'll check it out this evening.

    And welcome to the family.

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    Thanks Mohammad. It's nice to be aboard!

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    Thanks for the link Kieth, some real good information there to go through. I'm new here too and like the format and people. Welcome aboard!


    What goes around, comes around.

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    One of the best sites for segmented tutorials and information is that of Kevin Neelley. He does absolutely fabulous work and shares a lot of information about how he cuts, assembles, turns and finishes his work.

    Take a look for yourself:
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    Whoa! Thanks for the links!

    So, here it is: I'd like to make something like this:

    My lathe, I think, will do it. I've got a decent mitre sled. And he gives simple directions even an english major can understand:

    What I don't have is one of them new-fangled fancy-smancy hollowing rigs! Is there a solution? Is there a way to do it by halves, and then glue the halves together?



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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Lantry View Post
    Is there a way to do it by halves, and then glue the halves together?
    It's not as hard as you think. Just make sure the insides of the halves are close to the same size. You can always clean up the outside after they are glued together.

    You can use tape on the inside to help catch the glue drips. Just stick one side so you create a dam.

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    Welcome aboard, that's quite a site, looking forward to learning a bunch from it!

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