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Thread: Tweaked the Rim on my Bunya

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    Tweaked the Rim on my Bunya

    No, I'm not talking about a sprained muscle or something.

    Some of you may recall a bunya pine vessel I made a while back. I wasn't happy with the way the rim came out, so a few days after posting the pics, it went back into the shop for trimming.

    The first trick was to mount it on the lathe. Since the bottom had the pith of the log (and some small cracks in it) I didn't use the vacuum chuck. Actually, I did use the chuck, just not the vacuum pump. I put the base of the vessel in the padded vacuum chuck, then jammed it in place with a 3" or so diameter dowel attached to the tailstock with a scroll chuck on the live center. (Shoulda taken some pics. My bad.)

    After it was mounted, I still didn't want to risk blowing it up, so I marked a line around the rim with a pencil, then used a fine-toothed flush cut saw to trim a bit off the rim. I finally powered up the lathe to sand the rim smooth, then re-did the finish on the rim, and it was done.

    Here's the outcome:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I'm glad I took a few quick pics of it after the modification, since it sold the next weekend. I do like the revised rim better, and have some ideas for the next piece of similar wood, whenever it happens to cross my path.

    So what's your vote? Before or after?
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    I'd say that you certainly improved the piece, nice going!
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    Much better Vaughn!

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    Although the first one wasn't bad, that did make a big difference. Nice work
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    Seeing it side by side I have to say it is much improved.

    Amazing how something that simple can change the look.

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    My vote? Definitely "after". But both versions are impressive!

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    Improved?........... Yes.......... but the before was ok as well
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    "Tweaked the Rim on my Bunya"

    Isn't there a cream for that?

    Seriously, it looks great. I like the improvement best.
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    I also prefer the "after" one. The first one had the rim disproportioned in respect to the body, but it wasn't as evident as now that we see it next to the last version.

    Sometimes is good to let projects rest and forget them for a while, so that when we see them again we see them with fresh sight, and we see things that couldn't see before because we were so absorbed.

    It was good job before but now it is much better!!
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