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Thread: It worked!!!

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    It worked!!!

    I know several of us have done this...Super glue on the glasses. I was lucky and saved my old ones but was still fried about my $300 that could have been better spent. Saw a post on Google and tried Magic Eraser from Mr Clean. 3 minutes of light elbow grease on each side and good as new.
    DISCLAIMER: Mine are polycarbonate with a coating. If ya can't afford to lose 'em...don't try it!!!
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    Cool tip, Jim. I've used the Magic Eraser for other things, but didn't know it'd remove CA glue.
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    Thanks for the tip.

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    My sunglasses fell off and slid across the concrete floor, recon that will take out the scratches? They are the kind that small magnets hold them on the frames of my glasses (matching magnets in the frames) If they are least bit bent and the magnets don't align they easily fly off (Two times I lost them in a lake while fishing ) $95 each for replacement so I sure would love to be able to de-scratch them...

    Also my glasses have Gorilla Glue smears on them.I wear gloves when working with Polyuretane glue but forgot and shoved my glasses back as they slipped in the sweat this past summer. Finger print is visable on my $500 glasses.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Simpson View Post
    $95 each for replacement so I sure would love to be able to de-scratch them...
    Bill, the place I got mine ordered just the new lenses -- about $35, that is assuming the frame is OK.

    Tony, BCE '75

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