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Thread: Stu, you've been out-dungeoned...

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    Exclamation Stu, you've been out-dungeoned...

    So, how many people get the FWW email newsletters? Did you see the link to the guy in Montreal who wanted to build a shop, but his yard was too small, and couldn't get a permit...

    So he built it underground. EIGHT HUNDRED square feet of dungeon.

    Link Here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Art Mulder View Post
    So, how many people get the FWW email newsletters?
    Geez......and I was all fired up that Family WoodWorking had a newsletter..................until I clicked the link
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    Must be a Canadian thing, eh? The one time I was in Montreal, I was impressed by the underground access to everything downtown. Even in the dead of winter you could get around to a lot of places in shirtsleeves. That's an impressive shop, below or above ground.

    I worked on a job years ago (the Eldorado Hotel in Santa Fe) where a man was killed by a large pre-stressed concrete panel about like the one dropped on the guy in the video's house.
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    Saw that video today. Man what is it with those crazy
    Canucks and their underground wood shops...
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    It wasn't as fancy as a video, but I notified Stu about his "underground competition" over a year ago.

    Here's the two-page spread from the July 2007 issue of American(!?!) Woodworker:

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    Yep, I remember seeing that place, WOW, really nice, and 800 Sq Feet

    I've got about 320, but the blocks in the corners really interfere, so I'd say closer to 300, his shop is nearly triple the size of mine, but I have one big advantage over his shop, mine is free
    He sure is right about it staying warm in the winter.

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    I have always said, money may not be everything, but with lots of it, you can do anything. Nice shop.

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    Nice looking shop, wonder what the cost was. He must only build small projects as I didn't see any large openings to get the finished product out.

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