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Thread: FS-Turning Tools/Drill Chuck/Router/Mission Pulls

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    FS-Turning Tools/Drill Chuck/Router/Mission Pulls

    Where does all this stuff come from? Here are a few items I've sorted out doing some fall shop cleaning.

    All prices include shipping with Paypal preferred

    Mission/A&C Drawer Pulls 3.75"x2" 3"o/c 18 available sold in lots of 6 for $20, buy all for $50 No screws incl.

    Jacobs 1/2" keyless chuck (clicker), new. Bought this for PC 14v drill, couldn't get the old chuck off and the batts. died Threaded for 1/2" x 20 post (a lot of drills are 3/8" posts). $23

    Harbor Freight Windsor Design 8-piece turning tool set. Light use, bought with used lathe, optional cup hooks for hanging included at no extra charge $35

    On the left is a 1/2" Crown Bowl Gouge 24" o/a length. It is in like new condition except for a feeble attempt to grind the tip. Also has a cup hook hole in the end of handle. $45

    On the right: A Crown beading/parting tool. Like new except for cup hook hole in end of handle. Measures 9/64" x 1/2" and about 15" o/a length. $20

    Buy both Crown tools for $60

    315.275100 Single speed 22,000rpm 13 amp, which = 17 Sears horsepower.

    I bought this router about 5 yrs. ago and it sat in a metal cabinet for over 2 yrs. I spent some time cleaning it up and learned a good lesson about cold metal cabinets and condensation. It has since been stored in a moisture controlled environment. The only "defect" is one of the spindle lock push buttons fell out along the way and I replaced it with a piece of dowel.

    It has been used very little. I bought the speed control from Hartville Tool intending to mount the router in my table. I then got the Freud 2000 and that never happened. Factory wrench has been replaced with one of my personal chromed models. $110 for both

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