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Thread: Christmas Gifts

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    Christmas Gifts

    I haven't been doing much in the shop this summer, but now that fall has arrived, the bug has been inchin' me, so I decided to use my oft neglected flat work tools again. (The lathe isn't happy, but it'll get over it!)

    Anyway, I made 6 small Art Deco Clocks to give to some freinds and family this Christmas. I made 6 of these, 2 of each wood combination. Finished with satin lacquer, and all ready for Santa to pick them up for deliver!

    The wood selection is:

    Leopardwood body/wings with Quilted Maple base.
    Spalted Maple body/wings with Cherry base.
    Cherry body/wings with Walnut base.

    The small clock movements were purchased from Klockit. This is a Wood Magazine project design, and they were enjoyable to build. But then again, it's always fun making sawdust!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Cherryclk.jpg   mapleclk.jpg   leopardclk.jpg  

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    Wow Kevin, those are really nice. Beautiful choices in wood!

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    Thanks for the kind words Frank. This was a good project for using up some smaller pieces of wood.............a lot of bang for the buck!

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    Hey Kevin, good to see you around!

    My lathe has been getting lonely too

    VERY nice work indeed, I'm sure the recipients will be well pleased!
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    Thanks Stu. Good to be back here and in the shop.

    After seeing them, the wifey insisted I make one for us too. Darn the luck, huh?

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    nice gifts, great work.

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    thats fine way to use purty srcaps now how do you get at them to either wind or chng batteries kevin.. or is this a throw away clock and save the wood ???
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    Thanks Larry! The clock movements are removable to set the time, or change the battery. They simply use a friction fit inside a 1 3/8" hole drilled with a Forster bit. All it takes to remove the clock movement is a thin bladed knife to gently remove the movement with a gentle "pry" under the bezel area. The clock movement uses a button cell battery.

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    Nice looking clocks, Kevin. Good combination of wood too.

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    That's a great design and will make wonderful gifts. The wood combinations are perfect, too.

    Does the body simply slide in between the wings or is it also glued in place?

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