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Thread: Non-WWing Project - Completed Guitar Tube Amp w/pics

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    Non-WWing Project - Completed Guitar Tube Amp w/pics

    Glad you guys are back!

    Some of you may have seen a preview post about this work in's some pics of the final look. It's a companion for the guitar we built in October. (

    It's a ~ 3 watt class A tube amp made on a 1939 Stromberg-Carlson radio chassis, which was made right here in Rochester, NY. I salvaged the power transformer, rectifier tube, and 6V6G output tube from the S-C. Other parts were obtained from Ebay, spare parts, and a local electronics surplus place...the pre-amp tube is a 12AX7 that I plucked from my Mom's old intercom. It's got an on/off switch w/light, standby switch, master volume, gain control, bass, mid, and treble. It's currently mated to a 12" EV speaker cabinet that we roughed out several weeks ago... which is something we'll finish into a presentable package this winter. The guitar, amp, and speaker cab were all custom built right here.

    The schematic is a modified version of the P1 Extreme from the AX84 project amp website...fairly similar to the old Fender Champ or Les Paul Junior. The chassis is stuffed inside an old American Bosch radio box....built roughly between 1928 and 1941.

    It sounds awesome and is surprisingly loud. Never built anything like this before....thought it was a pretty cool abnd "educational" project, and best of all "Mr. Santana" seems happy with it.

    Here's the before and after pics:

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails boschampbox.jpg  
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    That's really nice Scott! I love the old case you put it in. I just found out that a friend of mine is making tube guitar amps as a side business and selling them for 1 to 1.5k each. I think he just found a way out of his day job! Jim.
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    Scott, I think you win the "COOL recycling of the month award" for that one, and you teenager like it too..........

    Santa himself could not have done better!

    You ROCK dude!
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    Great job, Scott. Does it go up to 11? I'll bet it sounds sweet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaughn McMillan View Post
    Great job, Scott. Does it go up to 11? I'll bet it sounds sweet.
    "Stevie Ray" isn't home right now, so his brother and I just went up and tried out his new echo pedal that he's getting for Christmas.....I'll bet it'd sound really good if we could play something besides Smoke on the Water and Bad to the Bone! The amp rocks! (quietly anyhow) ....but we stink!

    Thanks to whoever suggested the adds a ton of that vintage sound!
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