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Thread: Table Saw power question

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    Table Saw power question

    I put a new motor on the table saw i had - 1 1/2hp, 220v and got it working today. I pluged it into the the 220 outlet i have in the garage for the dryer (same one im using for my Jet lathe) and it works great for about 30 seconds and then trips the breaker in the electrical panel. However, it never trips the breaker when im using my lathe.....
    Anybody got a thought on this.........thanks Dan
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    I'd suspect you might have something wired wrong on your motor. It certainly should not trip the breaker (unless you have an awful low amp breaker) - a 1.5HP motor should not draw that much current, especially with no load.

    It could also be a bad motor but if it's new, or if it worked fine in the previous application, that's somewhat unlikely.

    Are you sure it's properly wired for 220V?

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    Yeah im going to have the wiring looked at.............Thanks Dan

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