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Thread: Corner Spline Jig

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    Corner Spline Jig

    The jewelry boxes I made

    needed to have something to set off the corners so I thought I'd try my hand at corner splines, but first I needed a accurate and safe way to cut these using my crosscut sled.

    Following are some pics of the pieces I needed and making it work.

    I started off with 2 triangular pieces of 3/4 ply and a rectangular piece of 3/8"

    I glued it up and nailed it together aligning it with my crosscut sled.

    Next I made some lines on the sled to align me up for a left and a right cut.

    Set the blade to a height to not cut through the inside of the box, and made my cuts on the right side first, flipped the box and made my cuts on the left side.

    I cut the spline material simply by setting up the fence to the correct width and run it through.

    Jig is simple, cheap, and works.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 100_2839.jpg   100_2840.jpg   100_2841.jpg   100_2849.jpg   100_2845.jpg  

    100_2847.jpg   100_2831.jpg  
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    Very cool, and, especially important for me, SIMPLE!
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    Looks good. I also seen in one of the magazines where they used a biscuit joiner to make the slots.

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