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Thread: Another Drying Technique

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    Another Drying Technique

    I am always trying different ways to do things. When it comes to drying ive tried the alcohol,soap,paperbag,damp sawdust, and more recently the mircowave. Its fun to try different ways to dry things so i decided to try something a little different.
    I completely finished turned a small bowsl in the same day. It is the bowl in the picture on the far left in front of the red looking larger bowl and the one next to it-middle
    When i was finished sanding (or polishing) to 400 grit i put it into a small container of 1/2-Danish Oil and 1/4-Tung Oil and let it soak for 1 1/2 days.
    Then i took it out and kept rubbing and drying it every so often to keep all the wet spots off of it (about 5-6 times with a paper towel).
    Then took it into the house and put it on the table in front of me where i sit in the evening. I did this because i wanted to see how the wood would react to being in the open (cracks, warping etc-). It has been there now for a week and i have no cracks, or anyting........
    Note: i know it would depend on the type of wood,temp and all the other factors but im going to try this again and keep it simple to see if the method holds...the one thing that im not sure about yet is that it does make the wood much darker then it would be naturally. In the pictures the one to the right is the same kind of wood but dried differently,2 coats of Danish oil , and then 3 coats of varnish so far........but you can see the difference in the color............

    Still fun to experiment i guess...................ill let you know how it goes
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