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Thread: First (maybe last) Craft show

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    First (maybe last) Craft show

    I spent both days this weekend manning a booth at the local craft show. The show has a history of big crowds and being kind to vendors. I sold a few bottle stoppers and angel christmas ornaments and 5 slimlines. I was kinda discouraged. After table rent and raw materials I cleared about $125. When you factor in the time spent making the items and 2 days sitting at the table with my wife (that was the bright spot, I've been putting in a lot of hours at work lately and enjoyed spending time with her), I figure we cleared about $3 per hour. The customer base was a little less than 1/2 of previous years.

    There were a couple other booths selling pens but they didn't move much either.

    I don't think the prices were out of line, I had slimlines at $14, Ruth Niles bottle stoppers @ $18 and Silicone cork stoppers at $12. The little angel ornaments were $9. I have until July to reserve the same space, will have to wait and see. I may have to leave the craft shows to some of you veterans.

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    Sounds like it was pretty slow, but at least you made it in the clear and got the time with your wife. Prices don't seem too high to me though.

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    Doug, don't be discouraged. Things seem to be slow in any kind of sales environment lately. I suspect by summertime things will be better. If there's anything I've learned in the past year or so of doing shows, it's that they are all unpredictable. I've had bad luck at shows I thought would be good, and I've had good sales at shows that I thought would be slow.
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    How did the other vendors do, especially those who have been there before????? Was this a juried show or an open to all show???? Handmade items only or imports okay???

    Bottom line is you ended up in the black and spent time with your wife. Sounds like a resonding success to me!
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    Keep it up Doug Several years ago I did pens and stoppers, that was all I knew how to do. We did well in a good economy. pic's, happy for a day with your wife...mine thinks I'm 200 mi away today...but (suprise) I'm home!! . Third...if cars and houses aren't selling...not much else will. Make more stuff, give some out for fun and improve on what you do. It kinda feels like that's what we're all doing...chin up...gouge down!!
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    I agree Doug that times now aren't doing real well. I went to a craft show last week. I sold 3 stoppers and 4 pens. Didn't sell a vase, bowl, platter, etc. at all. People just aren't spending now. They are hanging onto their money because of not knowing what will happen. Hopefully next year will be a better year.
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    Doug, don't give up after only one show. The first show that I did, four years ago, I didn't make enough to cover booth rent. The one I did a week ago, I made $1.00 more than my booth rent. I can usually clear 5 to 6 times booth rent at a show, but this year has been slow, slow, slow. People are looking, lots of people, but they just aren't opening their wallets like in past years. Given the current state of the economy, it doesn't surprise me that sales are low. But....things have to get better, they can't get much worse.
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    First show

    Hang in there Doug.I have been doing shows for many yrs and I have actually set up at shows for for less than 25.00 setup fee and never even got that back.You just have to keep trying and if you can do a little research on shows you may be interested in and see how they work out.Right now with the economy and all, things are slow in the craft business.

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    in todays economy showing any profit is admirable...
    don`t get discouraged.
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    Doug you made more money last weekend that I did

    Things will turn around, they just have to, keep at it
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