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Thread: Seeing Multi Pages At One Time

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    Seeing Multi Pages At One Time

    Is there a option to see more than one page of postings at a time? I visit Woodnet also and they have an option that you can see single pages or all the post at one time. I like this feature just to get a flow for the entire postings without changing pages. Kinda of lazy, I know.

    I can find an option to see more postings but only when looking at the thread in the Printable View.

    Attached is some screen shots of what I'm talking about. The first is the Woodnet view, the second is what to click on to get the printable view and the third is the option that appears once you in the printable view. The printable view would work but it doesn't show the images, only links.



    Click image for larger version. 

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    Randy, as far as I know there's not a way to set the view to show all pages, but there's an option that'll get you close.

    In your User Control Panel, select Edit Options from the task pane on the left side of the page. Scroll part way down the page that's displayed and you'll see Number of posts to show per page. The default is 10, but you can choose from several options, up to 200 posts per page.
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    I've got mine at 200 and I'm a much happier camper!
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    That will work. Thanks!!


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