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Thread: Tool Chest

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    Tool Chest

    Having recently gotten the Incra LS router table positioner, I decided to try it out on some 1/4 sawn red oak I picked up a few months back at a saw mill I like to go to in Huntsville. I've seen a number of these machinist style tool chests and decided to try my hand.

    The case is assembled with 1/2 blind DTs which were technically perfect with the LS, but still ugly IMO so I covered them over with some ~ 1/8" molding.

    The drawers are also 1/2 blind DTs on the front and through DTs on the back. Splines glued into dados in the case act as guides/slides for the drawers and are positioned so that the front ends of the splines meet the end of the grooves in the drawer sides to stop the drawer with the face flush to the case of the chest.

    The hardware is all pretty easy to find stuff at the box store with the little bitty knobs for the drawers being the most difficult thing to find.

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    No, not all of SoCal is Los Angeles!
    That'll make a very nice home for your special tools ;-)
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    Very nice tool chest, Jerry. Looks like you got the Incra figured out just fine. (Welcome to Club Incra, too.)
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    nice tool chest there jerry, wheres the rocky legs for it like your chairs have.. nice batch of gtr red oak,,, must be you gave it alitle stain as well huh.
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    From one Jerry to another...very nice indeed.

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    Nice tool chest Jerry Will hold your special tools in style. Also made with my favorite choice of wood, just love qtr sawn red oak and yours is real nice, great flecking


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    Very nice Jerry. I think we are looking at an heirloom.

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    That is very nice, I'm sure you will smile each time you open it
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    That's a well made tool chest Jerry that will last you a long time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaughn McMillan View Post
    Looks like you got the Incra figured out just fine. (Welcome to Club Incra, too.)
    Yeah, um, Jerry, what's up with this?

    Folks, this is Jerry we're talking about... You should see the coopered doors he made! With hand tools. This is a man who goes shopping for old hand saws! What was the name of that old rusty brand? Distill? Distaff? Disston?

    His one concession to modernity was a BT portable saw...

    So first he buys a grizzly table saw, now he's got a router table with an incra jig installed? I swear to you, the millennium must be nearly upon us!

    I must say, he ribbed me pretty good when I got mine and couldn't figure out how to set it up. He said "I can solve your problem. You just put that pretty new fangled thing back in that there box and ship it down here to Texas. You'll never have to worry about it again!"

    Tee hee! And now he's broken done and got one! What *would* Sonny say?


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