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Thread: Tree ID?

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    Tree ID?

    Can anybody ID tree? I'd be much grateful.

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    Leaves look like it might be one of the several Redbud trees. Seems most like the Eastern Redbud.

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    Been identified by some fine Woodnetters as Chinese Tallow.

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    I looked around on some tree identification sites. Apparently, the leaf of the eastern Redbud is heart-shaped:

    Could you post a close-up image of one of the leaves? I'm having a heard time answering some of the questions, especially about the "margins" of the leaf.

    [What Tree Is It?] (Ohio region)
    [What Tree is That?] (Arbor Day Foundation)


    Could it be a Chinese Tallow? (See [The Woodlands Texas Trees])

    Chinese Tallow
    is an invasive species and not a natural inhabitant of our forest. It's roots stretch out on the surface and deprives the other forest trees of precious water and soil space. It has pretty fall foliage as exemplified by this early fall color change. It's dried pods can be annoying when walking outside barefooted. The Woodlands Association suggests the removal of these trees from our yards to encourage the natural reforestation processes of our area. The trees will grow quite tall in competition with the other trees of the forest.


    According to [the Wikipedia "Chinese tallow" article]:
    In the Houston area, Chinese tallow trees account for a full 23 percent of all trees, more than any other tree species and is the only invasive tree species in the 14 most common species in the area.

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    Wow. Check out the 2- to 3-minute Chinese Tallow identification video on [THIS PAGE].

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    We call those a soapberry here. Which I guess runs along the same lines as chinese tallow.
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    All I see are pen and bowl blanks. Guess that is what happens when you own a lathe...

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