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Thread: Gloat and Score

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    Gloat and Score

    Called our local turning shop and they had an amazing price on the 1/2" swan much so I couldn't pass it up. The savings allowed me to score some blanks. Merry Christmas to me!!
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    Congrats Jim....I see hollow forms in your future for sure!!
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    The tool and the wood looks nice, but that's secondary...

    You have a local turning shop? Lucky dawg! I'm in LA and I've not found anything resembling a shop for turners (except for Rockler, and they are pretty limited)
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    We have Idea Saw Works, only game in town. Many of us boycott them because they change policy and prices more than most change BVD's. I really wanted this one and Craft Supply was out of stock. ISW is always more expensive shipping not withstanding. Craft Supply and Woodcraft both get me stuff in 2 days so I was willing to wait. Just got luck this time.
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    Congrats on your haul. That is some nice looking wood. The tool should serve you well.
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