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Thread: Turned Birdhouses

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    Turned Birdhouses

    Hi Everyone
    Want to post a couple pictures of some birdhouses I turned recently. I try to turn one style then turn six houses then change something like the roof chape then six more. I turned a lot of them past couple months but after turning these my camera died, so won't be able to post different style and shapes that I would want to. Enjoyed myself turning these, guess because they are so easy to do it keeps me relaxed and thinking of different things to change. Mitch
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    Great work Mitchell! And thanks for adding one more thing to my "to do "list!!
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    Those are great, Mitchell!

    Last night I attended the 5th-ever meeting of the new [Timp Woodturners] club in Provo, in the main building at Craft Supplies USA. We were fortunate to have Dale Nish as the presenter, and guess what he demo'd for us? Yep, birdhouse ornaments! Too bad my camera batteries were dead.

    He passed out copies of [his article on the subject from the December 2004 issue of Popular Woodworking], and his presentation proceeded along the same lines, although with a somewhat different design. (But, you just can't capture Dale's dry sense of humor by reading a magazine article.... )

    I'm gonna have to try some of these!

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    Jim Burr
    Thanks Jim and your welcome. Mitch

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    kerry Burton
    Thank you Kerry for that info. I heard quite a bit of Dale Nish. Wish I could of been fortunate enough to see him with you. I turned several with the type of roof on his. Thank you for your reply. Mitch

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    Very nice Mitch.

    I like the idea you have of making multiples at the same time.

    That seems like a great way to build up some skills.

    I'm going to steal that advice from you and incorporate it into my shop.!
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    Brent Dowell
    Thank you Brent and go for it, lots of fun. I make the big ones differently than the small ones so I do a few of the same kind then the different ones next, if you can figure that out. Good Luck and I look forward to seeing something you turned here soon. Mitch

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    Missed these earlier, Mitch. Nice-looking batch of unique birdhouses.
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    Vaughn McMillan
    Thanks Vaughn, making these is more fun than I thought it would be. Making some miniature ones now. Mitch

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