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Thread: Yet another clamp deal

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    Yet another clamp deal

    Checking out the Rockler website they have Jet Doubleheader Y-Shaped Clamps on sale.

    12" - $5.49 Regularly $10.99
    24" - $6.49 Regularly $12.99
    36" - $7.99 Regularly $15.99

    So I stopped by at lunch and picked up 4 each of the 12" and 24". They were regular price at the store but they sold them to me at the sale price. I'm living by the philosophy you can't have enough clamps.


    Also picked up the Triton Lumber Rack for $49.99


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    Quote Originally Posted by glenn bradley View Post
    What Glenn said. That's a great price.
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    are thos y critters a gimmick? storing them looks like a nitmare?? if they were just a straight head i would jump on them i need some f clamps.. great price there randy
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    I was wondering the same thing. That y-shape looks like it would cause more problems than it solves.

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