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Thread: Weekend Doings

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    Weekend Doings

    So what yall got planned for this great Holiday week end.

    I plan on finish turning a platter and working on THE BIG DESK project. Church Sunday morn and Chrismas day morn other then that I'll be making my work famose Posole and enjoying Christmas with LOML, Son, DIL and my Granddaughter..

    So what on the agenda for your long week end.
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    Heading out of town to visit family, about 5 hours' drive from here. The snow we got is all but melted and the roads should be good. And since I've already given pens to everyone in my family, I won't be handing out any over the holidays. I'm about out of pens anyway and need a quiet weekend soon to turn out a few new ones. Maybe next weekend...

    Hope everyone has a great holiday season. Drive safely!



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    I've got an end-grain cutting board/chopping block to finish up, and three or four long-grain boards to get started on for post-Christmas orders. I've also got a dried rough-turned bowl that's been asking me to finish it.

    I also hope to do some rearranging on my website, and update the listing of things I've got for sale on it.

    And for something completely different, LOML and I are going to Disneyland this weekend. Last spring my employer had a company event at Disneyland, but I was unable to attend (since it was on my wedding day). In lieu of that, they gave me a pair of tickets and some Disney Bucks to buy meals, but the tickets have to be used up before the end of the year. We're hoping that Christmas Eve will be a relatively slow day at Disneyland.
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    Steve Clardy Guest
    A little rest. [ Hopefully ]
    Ok. I'm kidding myself. I can't stay out of the shop

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    No shop time this weekend, I visiting family in another state. I will however be setting up the computer that I bought my parents.

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    Started the holidays off right. Converted my contractors saw to 220v and started ripping stock for the legs and stretchers for my workbench. Hope to get more time out there over the holidays. I have a whole lot of 'firsts' coming up in my woodworking endeavors.

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    In laws are here from Orlando Fl. for Christmas. They haven't spent a Christmas with us in Michigan since they moved from here in 1980 so it's a bit of a shock on their system dealing with the temperature...which I find amusing. It's mid 30's low 40's here which is warm in Michigan for late Dec. They have all their hats coats and mittens on when we go to any store....

    Tomorrow we will make steak and crab legs along with chilled shrimp...our traditional Christmas dinner, a day early.
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    Well I reached a major milestone today and short of punching a hole through my DC closet wall to hook up the ducting (which I dont have yet) I'm officially DONE with the stuff inside the closet - barring any leaks. Just posted additional pics on ClearVue's gallery site starting with the last pic on the 3rd page. Took a chapter out of the Jim O'Dell install book and decided to suspend my bin lid as well. Need to make a grocery run in the morning but think I'm going to just kick back and relax tomorrow, spoil the dog rotten with walks and play sessions, then head over to the relatives for Christmas Eve gift swapping.
    Link to my ongoing ClearVue DC Install on CV's site: http://www.gallery2.clearvuecyclones...s-Mini-CV1400/

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