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Thread: Scouting for Plans

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    Scouting for Plans

    Our Cub Scout pack has a Space Derby coming up next week. No one has arranged for a "track" yet ... so it's falling to me.

    Just yesterday I learned about a local couple who rents out one of [THESE] aluminum tracks for $40 ... but I'm not sure if it will be available on the day we need it. I'll call later in the day to find out. The rental includes an Accessory Pack ... which costs $8 all by itself at the Scout Office.

    If the fancy track is not available I may be looking at a weekend project ... which is where you guys come in. I found some pretty nice plans atbut I'm wondering if there isn't an easier/quicker/cheaper way.

    Has anyone done this before? Any ideas? We'll be holding the Derby indoors on a wooden gym floor.

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    Looks like a tall sawhorse - apart from the starting gate. Don't know if that gives you any ideas, but sawhorses might be an angle to look into.


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    Thanks for the reply, Wes!

    Just about all of the "tracks" that I've seen in photos or diagrams seem to be tall enough that the wire / fishing line is above the heads of the boys. I think there is some wisdom in that.

    The pressure is off for now; I was able to reserve the aluminum track. The guy said that this is the "slow season" for Space Derbies, which was lucky for me. It would have been a fun project to build one, but not with only a few days till derby time. I would have had to learn a lot (yes, even on a "simple" project like this) and I don't tend to work very fast.

    Maybe next time around!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kerry Burton View Post
    I don't tend to work very fast.
    Boy, sounds like me! Being above the boys heads - yep good idea! Wouldn't want a delay of race because someone got "clotheslined"! Since you've got some time, you can explore different designs - or reserve the aluminum track for next year!

    We're just gearing up for the Pinewood Derby - though it will be held in January, the kits and rules went out this week.

    Have fun!


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