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Thread: Some wood and Laser Work - Lotza Golf

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    Some wood and Laser Work - Lotza Golf

    OK many of you know when I am not lasering something or making pens I am golfing. Well a friend and I entered a very nice Tournament.

    48 - 2 man teams - 4 days of match play, 2 matches per day. 8 Flights. Flight winners are in a playoff at end to determine Overall Champions.

    We were last flight. We won our flight. Now we knew there was no way we could win the playoff, playing against very low handicap golfers who hit shots that it takes us two shots to catch up with them.

    Well that afternoon it was meant to be. We won the playoff.

    I made plaques similar to this a few years ago for this very tournament but this year they gave out more cash and less trophies.

    So would I let that bother me? I made our own special plaques. Black marble engraved and inlayed into a red alder plaque. Padauk sun and walnut tree inlayed also.

    I have been asked by other flight winners to make plaques for them also.

    Our names will go on the trophy we are holding in the picture which will be on display at the club for a long time.

    The plaque is 11 x 15. I told my partner I may need to get a new laser so I can make a bigger plaque.

    I am the guy on the right.
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    well i aint no goofer but i do know that you dun good ther pete,, bet you never thought you would be gettin on of your own trouphys huh? congrats and enjoy your time in the lights pete
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    Congrats, Pete. Ain't it great when a plan comes together? Well done on the win. Hmm...that Sun Tree has a familiar look to it.
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