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Thread: Net security question

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    Net security question

    I use a Mac with an Airport for wireless access, printing, etc. I want to now change and go hardwire for my net access. I realize that the Airport was kind of like a router in the security area but I don't know if the DSL box (modem?) acts as a router as well.

    Should I also get a stand alone router to help with net security? If so, what recommendations do you have as far as reliable brands/types?

    Thanks very much.
    Thanks, Mark.

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    Airport, or Airport Extreme, or Airport express, or... ???

    The specs for all of these are easy to find on the apple website.

    Here are the specs for the Airport Extreme for instance. It lists the fact that it provides a firewall inside, and it also has 3 hardwired ethernet ports. So if that is what you have, you're golden.
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    A DSL Router (one that supports several PCs) on your home network side offers pretty good security, as the NAT (Network Address Translation) makes your machines IP invisble to the outside world - Unless your machine initiates a connection first.

    A DLS Modem effectively puts your PCs IP address directly on the internet, BAD security risk.

    A machine doing a port scan and trying to connect from the internet only sees the router address, nothing to see here, move along please.

    What it wont protect you against is a Trojan program that you accidently download and run. A hardware or good software firewall will block this and alert you to something being amiss if the malware tries to 'phone home' on an un-authorised port.

    For home use a DSL Router with NAT and a basic built-in firewall is sufficient security for most people.

    If you want to get more secure, you can grab any old PC, stick 2 network cards in, load a free Linux firewall and have a commercial quality 'hardware' firewall, pretty much for free. Connect that between your router and the rest of the network and it filters all network traffic for you.


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