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Thread: Crotch Walnut Bowl

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    Crotch Walnut Bowl

    One of the people that introduced me to LOML over 16 years ago got hitched himself this summer in a family only ceremony. Another friend is having a party tonight to celebrate the nuptuals with friends and this bowl will be LOML and I's gift for the new couple. They just refinished the walnut floors in their house this summer so I thought a walnut bowl would be a good fit.

    It's 11" X 5" with a Danish oil finish that was buffed. A couple of small cracks add some character along with some great figure....anyone else see a christmas tree?

    Comments and Critiques are welcome as always.
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    thats one fine example of air dired walnut ther jeff you dun good!
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    That's an awesome piece of wood, Jeff. Great job.
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    Beautiful piece of wood and beautiful bowl Jeff.
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    That will be a greta gift. Anyone would be happy to get that. Nice work Jeff
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    Very nice indeed, I'm sure they will love it!

    You sure do like them hefty style of bowls, I would not want to drop that on my foot

    I see the Christmas tree for sure!
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    Nice job, nice wood. I see a feather but it could be a Christmas tree. I've noticed from your other posts you seem to prefer a heavy wall thickness for your bowls. I think this look is dramatic and use it myself for a lot of my work. I feel it mimics primitive stone bowls.

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    Beautiful bowl, but sorry, the Christmas tree looks to be dead. All brown, ya know. Jim.
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