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Thread: Cutting board

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    Cutting board

    As I mentioned in another thread wife ruined hers. So I whipped this one out of scraps in the shop. Never gotten excited about making cutting boards but she loves it. So that made it worth it.

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    Hey! Any time LOYL likes what you've created, you're a WINNER!!!!!!

    Oh. by the way, that's a great looking board!!!
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    I agree they can be a bit unexciting to make, but the reaction people have when they see a nice cutting board can make it worthwhile. Ya done good.
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    I like it, looks good. Contrasting woods is a favorite of mine.
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    Lookin' good. Folks like them, that's what counts.

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    Looks like it works, and that your wife likes it, well that is pure gravy!
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    I see two very good things about that board:

    1. your wife loves it
    2. it was a post about Woodworking!

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