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Thread: Bar update and loss of my mind

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    Bar update and loss of my mind

    Merry Christmas everyone,

    My apologies for not being here more often.

    Why would a stable guy like me lose his mind?

    well, for 5 times in a row my dear friend the electrician has

    has not been up to snuff for the rough' lectrical inspection.

    Yep thats 5 weeks. This job was suppose to be finished today. Hah!

    Middle of Jan now. Oh yeah its a sizable amount of dinero I won't see 'till 2007.

    Now where was that mind?

    I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday.

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    WOW Per your work as usual is top notch. To bad the sparky can't do likewise. By the way did Bob do the carvings above the bar on the carvewright ?
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    Per, that's awsome! Is this the same bar you posted pics of teh coffered ceiling a while back? Too bad about the electrician, especially since he is a friend.

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    No the carvings above the bar were purchased pre carve wright.

    Had em for quite some time. Same with the bubinga, purchased for another job.

    Then sometimes we decide who deserves certain stock material's depending

    on attitude. So Bob also ordered the scanner for the carvewright and sez to

    me I am gonna scan those into the library. I said gonna be pretty tough

    scanning them on the wall and left the shop with them.


    Yep that's the one.

    I keep taking time off from it to stay solvent.

    You know, trim a condo for cookie money.


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    Great-looking work, Per. Man, you sure don't just run down to Home Depot and get stuff like that off the shelf.
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    Boy Per, that is sure nice, I'll echo everyone else, you do nice work!

    I bet the owners of said bar to be are not too happy with the sparky either

    I wonder if I could even afford a beer in a place like that...?

    Thanks for the pics, if we see your mind kicking around we will send it right home
    The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.
    William Arthur Ward

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    nice work per!
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    Per that is just beautiful. I really hate looking at your work because it always makes mine look so inadequate. How long does it take you to do something like that?


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    That is hard to say,

    There are always delays, sometimes big ones.

    Only because on these projects there is always a committee of sidewalk supers.

    For instance, this job was delayed for a year while the owners dithered.

    This was after I took a down payment.

    Then, I always have those cookie money jobs running at the same time.

    But, If it was every consecutive day, from studs to drinks, 4 months.

    I also work alone, cause no one tolerates me for more then a day.

    But I do have my father part time at the salt mine.


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    Hi Per,
    You do nice work.
    Is the wood all the same, doors, columns, trim and beams, it looks it and is very well done. Congratulations yet sorry about the cash flow problem.
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