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Thread: New HF

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    New HF

    In my effort to keep up with ain't that good. This one is Purpleheart that was hard as a rock...5.5 x 2. I think this one came from Craft Supply. I used the S bar hollow tool, but I think the straight shaft (on order soon) will be a lot more fun. I can see where green wood would be better than dry stock for HF's. Dry has it's place and that comprises the bulk of what I turn...and green goes next!!!.
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    That came out looking nice, Jim. Keep 'em coming.

    You're wood is a lot easier to hollow out than the dry stuff. I recently turned a big (15" or so diameter) maple hollow form, and it was a real chore.
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    You've done a nice job, especially considering it's from a piece of purpleheart. I think God created purpleheart and nagging mother-in-laws to make us thankful for the finer things in life. Seriously, if you can sucessfully hollow purpleheart, your next and last challenge will be reinforced concrete.

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    Great job on the HF. Purpleheart can be a bear to turn sometimes.
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    jim Burr
    I think you did a Yeoman's job on that purpleheart Jim. Looks good to me. Mitch


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