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Thread: Met anyone famous?

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    Met anyone famous?

    I got to thinking about this the other day talking football with a friend. I told him I had met Ray Stchowicz while I was at Michigan State University...hmm who is Ray Stachowicz? He was MSU's best all time punter and went on to play in the NFL for my favorite pro team the Green Bay Packers.

    So I got to thinking about any other famous people I have met in my life....actually introduced to and talked with.

    Who else has met with celebrities and who were they?

    My list:
    Ray Stachowicz
    Earvin "Magic" Johnson
    Scott Skiles
    Governor Milliken (Michigan)
    "Miss Hurst" Linda Vaughn...(my favorite )
    Candy Clark from American Graffiti movie
    John Milner from "American Graffiti" movie
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    My favorite,, Sam Maloof

    I've met a number of poloiticians but I'm not bragging about that.

    Yes and I met a few others woodworkers too, like Mark Singer, Lee DeRudd but did you say famous or infamous..
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    Pauly Shore.

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    Tokiwadai, Japan
    Clint Eastwood, having drinks at his table in Las Vegas.

    Tom Foley, ex Speaker of the House, at a private party when he was Ambasador to Japan.

    Imai Utaro, perfect game winning pitcher in Japan...have a tape of our fishing trip together, that was broadcast on TV.

    Leif Erickson, actor and star of High Chaparral. Sat together on air flight.

    David Hughes, running back, Seattle Seahawks, Pittsburg Steelers...My neighbor, now a Pastor.

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    Colonel Gregory "Pappy" Boyington, USMC

    I have his book signed by him. Its the only thing I have like it..
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    Isiah Thomas (former Detroit Piston) and John Kennedy Jr. (not at the same time) - both of these were some sort of marketing promo affair at work and they were brought in by the powers that be. Didn't even know Kennedy was in the building, but in a strange indication of things to come, he wandered down the wrong hallway where I ran into him as he asked me for directions back to the cafeteria/auditorium.
    Also met the bass player and sax player from the Huey Lewis band staying in the same hotel I was at - don't remember their names though.
    And bass player John Patatucci - also staying at a hotel I was at, but for the life of me I can't remember who he was playing with at the time. The bass player in the band I was in at the time pretty much monopolized the conversation with John though.
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    I went out to a N.D. Game last year and we were in the book store the night before the game. There was a small crowd around this small guy. My brother said that guy is someone but I can't remember So I left him and kept walking around the store. I looked back and saw him waving me down. I went back and he said...THAT'S RUDY... I was and we went up to him and talked for about 20 minutes. Really down to earth guy.
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    I ran into Mr. T at a CES show in Chicago back in the early 90's. I challenged him to armwrestle...
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    Oh yea...I work with a ex-NFL linebacker from the Eagles, Mike Reichenbach He too is a great guy.
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    Shook hands with Dwight Eisenhower when I was a kid.
    Met the "Duke" in a bar in Los Angeles.
    Met Louis Lamour at a book signing.
    Visited with 3 of the last surviving "Buffalo Soldiers" at a living history thing where I was demoing Woodworking.
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