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Thread: Queen Anne Rose-back Chair parts

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    Queen Anne Rose-back Chair parts

    Found these in my attic, Been there 32 years and before that they were in a shed. I rescued them from a defunct Chair factory back in the late 60s. Been planning on "Some day..." making a set of Queen Anne Roseback Dining Room chairs... but as with all Round To its it never seems to come around..... Besides I bought SWMBO a new complete set last Christmas so... These were not CNC carved as it was long before anyone ever heard of such. Some sort of pantagraph device, I suspect, Great detail in the carving but need to be cleaned up and sanded along the edges,

    What recon they be worth? Maple I am sure, Look rough but a few minutes sanding with a palm mouse sander sure cleaned on up quite well. There are six for a complete dining set, two have a couple of age checks on the ends but no major structure damage. I had planned to stain them Cherry and make the chairs of Cherry, but you know how that goes....

    I thought I would offer up to you guys and see what you think it is worth and if there is any interest.

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    Hi Bill ,
    Nice looking pieces Bill! Easy to see why you saved them.
    You might just have to figure out another creative use for the parts, other than chairs.....Since now you already have chairs..
    Thanks for the pictures and Good Luck!
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    I have come to the conclusion that I need to liquidate my project stash, What good will it do me to save it for firewood when I would like to find a WWer who would like to have them, Of course I would like to accumulate some "Rent" for having storred them all these decades.

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