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Thread: Carved Shoe

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    Carved Shoe

    This little guy is carved from Basswood, approx 3 3/4" long and 2 1/4" high.The hand stitching is put in with a pounce wheel you gotta look close.
    All comments and critiques welcome. I know this is'nt flat, but I asked and this is where I was told to post it.
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    Very cool, Larry. Nothing to critique from what I can see. What's a pounce wheel?
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    Shoes and boots are fun to carve. Your boot is squarish. A beginners typical result. Take a look at your real boots and try for a more rounded shape. Somehow, when we are carving we don't see the end result for focus on tiny details. I once put many hours into carving a square bear.

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    thanks Guys Vaughn a Pounce Wheel is a little spiked wheel on a handle that will roll, with a little pressure it produces a line of small holes that resemble stitches. It is mostly used by seamstresses to produce a pattern by rolling it along the lines when pattern is placed over a piece of material. You then sprinkle a powder and it falls through the holes marking the cloth.for cutting.

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