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Thread: Euro's Worth more than a Euro

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    Euro's Worth more than a Euro

    Hey, just trying to come up with something new for a heading.

    Here is 2 of 10 Euro's I've done. One is Dyed Blue Boxe Elder with a CSUSA Nickle plating. And the other is "some kind of wood" that is curly. I know its not Maple, I got it is a blank swap. I wanted to make the curl pop better than what is was appearing so I used black analine dye, sanded down and then some light walnut dye, sanded down and repeated several times. Both are finished with plexi.

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    They're BOTH Very nice, Jon, and that Blue is really Intriguing.

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    They're both very nice, but I really like the blue one. Good stuff, Jon.
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    The dyed and stabilized box elder is one of my faovrite woods to work with... always something different, even in two pieces the same color.
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    Great looking pen Jon. Well done.
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    ok the jokes on me wheres the second pen i see only the blue one
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    Those CS Euro style kits are one of my favorites, They look very classy and have a good heft. Both are beautiful, but I gotta love the blue one, but am I the only one that thinks it looks like and octopus or maybe a galaxy? Musta left some CA open in the shop.
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