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Thread: Congrats to some Family Members!

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    Congrats to some Family Members!

    Mark Cothren posted this over on SMC and I figured that it would be here as well....

    Congratulations to Keith Burns, Mark Cothren and Curt Fuller for their outstanding placements in this year's Art in the Round Contest!

    Check out the winners here:

    Again - congrats to each of you!

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    Steve, you beat me to it....Congrats to all of you!

    P.S. I noticed that only 31 states had finalists. I assume that means that no one from the other 19 states entered a piece???

    That opens up a lot of opportunity for turners to get a chance at this next year.
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    congrats to those who made the finals! and for the states without any hey they can move there to enter and get a another chance to win right steve
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